Kolesnikov School Bristol

koleThe body should be triangular, the mind circular. The triangle represents the generation of energy and is the most stable physical posture. The circle symbolizes serenity and perfection, the source of unlimited techniques. The square stands for solidity, the basis of applied control.

  • Morihei Ueshiba

ai – joining, unifying, combining, fitting

ki – spirit, energy, mood, morale

 – way, path

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba. The word Aikido can be translated as “the way of unifying with life energy” or “the way of harmonious spirit”. Like most martial arts, Aikido focuses on self defense, but it is unique in that it pays concern to the well being of the attacker. Techniques to ensure the attacker’s safety are at the core of Aikido teachings around the world. The study of ki consists of the physical and mental training associated with Aikido. The Bristol Club of the Kolesnikov’s School of Mind and Body Development has an Aikido club in Somerset and clubs across the United Kingdom.

The Bristol Club promotes Aikido as a marital art that can “improve your mental focus”, “teach you a skillful form of self defense”, and “show you how to safely re-direct energy”. Every Wednesday from 8:15pm-9:45pm, three teachers offer lessons to adults of all abilities. The first lesson is always free. To train as a regular, you have to join the club for the annual cost of 40 pounds and then pay an additional 5 pounds for each lesson you attend. The club is a non-profit organization that puts all money received back into the club and instructors are not paid as they only volunteer their services.

Attending a beginner’s class

Beginners are encouraged to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Classes normally consist of stretching, Aikido exercises, rolling, Aikido techniques, and meditation. The club takes a special interest in the use of energy for universal harmony and healing purposes via studying mind and body co-ordination through active and static motion.

Website: http://bristol-ki-aikido.org/

Bristol Ki Aikido
Riverside Leisure Club
Station Road
Little Stoke
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